February 16, 2019 3 min read

Family at dinner

A common problem that many parents often face with their children is the issue of picky eating. Sure, everyone has food that they like and that they don’t like. This prior statement becomes problematic however when trying to draw the line between preference and downright picky. Is it when your child starts to pick off the mushrooms on their pizza or is it when they insist on eating nothing but pizza every night? Is it when your kid chooses not to put aside option on their plate when at a buffet style meal or is it when they refuse what’s on their plate because two ingredients are touching? Also, it should be taken into consideration that picky eaters come in all age groups. Fear not, however, as here are some tips on how to get your kids (and other family members) excited for meal time.

Cook what they will actually eat!

Round dinner table

First and foremost, and obviously, people, in general, will become more interested in eating a meal that they like! That being said it’s not possible, or healthy, to always eat your favourite meal every day. Whether this is true because your favourite meal has been classified as junk food or just because of the universal fact that humans need a variety of vitamins that they can only get through a variety of foods, it’s also true because when anybody eats something on repeat, the flavour tends to become bland and soon enough they end up disengaged with their nutritional romance. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Also, it’s not possible to please everyone in your family with one dish. Everyone has their preferences as well as their own dietary needs. Keeping this in mind, it is possible, in contrast, to stick to food that all or at least most of your family will enjoy.

The snack that smiles back!

Fish shaped pancakes

A common saying that you might have heard is that humans eat with their eyes as much as they do with their mouths and their stomachs. Scientists, as well as psychologists, have actually proven this to be a fact. People are more likely to eat something if it looks appetizing. Taking this into consideration, try to make your meals not only look nice but have some fun with it too! When choosing crackers, try to choose one that comes in different and fun shapes like animal crackers. Also, there are many prepackaged snacks, such as natural fruit gummies, that are shaped to resemble kids cartoon characters. In addition, bread, vegetables and lunch meats can be cut into different shapes easily.

Let them personalize it.

Divided lunch box

Potatoes, eggs, peanut butter, etc. These foods, like many other foods, have a common attribute that they can be eaten in many different ways. It all just depends on their eater's preferences. So, instead of preparing your families food for them, keep the plates ingredients separate as they can mix and match as they please. In addition to this, you can serve your food buffet style to allow the different members of your family to choose to eat what they want as they feel hungry enough to eat it. That last tip will also save you time in the kitchen since you won’t need to pile the food on their plates for them!

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