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Most people want to take pride in the appearance of their home and yard. Whether it be by maintaining a well manicured lawn, making needed home repairs or decorating their yard.   I try to do all three. I found out years ago that an easy, inexpensive and fun way to decorate your yard is by displaying garden flags.

My love of flags began decades ago. I first bought house flags but soon afterward I began buying garden flags. Garden flags have advantages over house flags. Garden flag poles and stands can be easily moved to different locations in your yard. I often change the location of my garden flags.

I just pull the pole out of the ground and take it to another place and reinsert in the ground there. Easy peasy! They are also easier to store.

I’ve also made my own garden flags. By this I mean, I uploaded a photo of mine to a site that makes personalized flags. America Forever flags sold on is where I made a personalized flag. It’s easy to do. Directions are provided on the site. I just uploaded a photo of my horse and added text. I put his name on it. He is deceased so my personalized flag of him is very special to me.

I’ve also given garden flags as gifts. The internet is full of sites that offer flags for sale. has a large selection of garden flags and more!

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