June 20, 2016 2 min read

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Nestled under the evergreen trees among the ferns and ivy, we discover a fairy village.

A popular way to add a little life to a garden is the addition of fairy folk and houses. For some gardeners this may simply be a figurine or two and a small house. Others may extend the landscape with some fake toadstools and fairy furniture among the flowers. The fairy garden we will see in this article is a creation by our friends Ron and Sue. This is no ordinary fairy garden but a full blownfairy village!

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This miniature landscape is a combination of artificial greenery and natural plant life. The small patches of grass are from the hobby store much like one would use with a model train set.  The pine needles naturally fall creating a perfect blanket over the ground. Artificial plants create the illusion of bushes and trees carefully manicured by our fairy folk. Ferns, ivy and grass from the yard creep in adding live greenery to the setting.

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This fairy home has a stone walkway, fence and yard decorations giving the feeling of an actual living fairy home. The pine branches are the perfect backdrop allowing spectators to get lost in the beauty of the mini village. As one may guess, this fairy town has been carefully planned out and did not come to life in just one afternoon.

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In truth, this village grew over months and years with the addition of new details and accessories from the artistic minds of it’s creators. The more you visit the garden new discoveries are made. Notice how the stone path is constructed of tiny pebbles lined with larger stones to give shape to the walkway. Small stones are also placed around the village, when compared to the fairy figurines look like large boulders.

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The sunlight beams through the trees lighting the village with a magical glow beckoning visitors from afar. These photos are actually from several years ago and this fairy fairy village has made a magical journey from it’s Michigan home to it’s new resting place in California. I could not imagine creating this village once let alone a second time. Perhaps we will be able give you a visit to the new version of this fairy town in the future.

We hope you enjoyed this short tour of the fairy village and perhaps have gained some ideas for your own fairy town.

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