August 21, 2015 1 min read


Frogs and toads are common thing to see around gardens and backyard ponds. They chirp and croak there little hearts out like a little symphony. They certainly lend a hand keeping away pesky insects that want to devour our plants and flowers. Frogs and toads come in such a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. I say we give them a salute by showing off some frog flags. So pull up a toadstool and take a peek.

We have cute designs like these 3 Amigos who look like they are ready to spring into action or the toadstool buddies catching a snack. I remember as a kid catching frogs and toads, then that fun activity was passed on to my children. My twin girls, now 13, still think toads are adorable and catch them and play with them for hours.


Frog decor is really cute and clever and just makes you want to smile. This beautiful tree frog flag would look really cool over a backyard garden pond don’t you think?

Having a frog flag in your yard or garden just beams of happy, hoppy good times.


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