December 05, 2018 2 min read

Since my husband and I were married, each Christmas we take a picture to send to our family and friends, along with a copy of Bargan's News to tell everyone about our major yearly events.

We recently had everyone home and decided let's quick take the picture and then I will get the letter written to send out and perhaps be ahead of schedule.

Usually the toughest part has always been getting the pets to look at the camera, or the children to stop crying or fighting with each other or what is everyone going to wear? My focus has never been to have the perfect Christmas picture, but to have fun taking it.

The in between shots are the ones that I love the most, when someone is picking on someone else, or laughter has broken out and everyone has their eyes shut laughing so hard.

This year we decided to take our picture in front of my son's new barn that he built on the farm. Take a peek at this combination of a flag and mailbox cover at FlagsRUs, it is perfect for the red barn and truck lover!

As Christmas is approaching and you perhaps are taking your family picture or writing your family letter, remember to take the time to truly look back and treasure the in between moments. The moments when you were truly enjoying each other's presence, or perhaps not appreciating it, at that time, but just being the true family that you are, full of imperfections, but full of love.

Here is our picture that we chose this year to send to everyone, looks pretty perfect but if you look closely in between, you will see all of our wonderful imperfections, all the true images of a family that is working hard to make it through, a family that hugs, cries, fights and loves each other with all that they have, sometimes falling short, sometimes spilling over, but we love.

Happy Trail Farms truly encourages you to love whomever you have in your life this Christmas and to show your imperfections while always walking in love and grace.


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