Birds sing of spring!

by Russ Kennedy March 20, 2016 1 min read



March 20th marks the official first day of spring and we can hear the lovely chirping of the song birds ushering in the warmer weather. Pictured above is this beautiful songbirds basket flag that will be perfect to welcome guests to your home bird sanctuary. This nestle of birds at the feeder looks so real that you will be listening for the songs as the flag flutters in the breeze.


I myself am excited for the birds to come, my backyard porch light becomes home for a robins nest very spring.


It’s so amazing how the robins build such a perfect little nest and we love to watch and listen as the babies grow and eventually leave the nest.


If song birds sing, do humming birds hum? This might be a question for the experts. However, one doesn’t have to be an expert to enjoy watching birds and you can watch for your mail as you bird watch with a mailbox wrap. Whether you are out watching birds or getting the mail, leave the springtime mud at the doorway with a decorative doormat.



We have so many bird flags of different styles, we could fill an Aviary! These flags are a perfect backdrop as you sit and relax on a weekend morning listening to the real song birds greet the day. We are excited to share our love of birds and springtime yard decorations with you.


Happy Spring!

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