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“Ho ho ho!” Santa laughs. Yes, Santa’s famous greeting is actually a laugh, according to Merriam Webster. It’s a jolly laugh for a jolly old fellow, one perfectly suited to the merriment of the Christmas season. 

And so, Santa brings cheer to our holidays along with bundles of gifts and magic. But, laughter can be difficult to inspire, especially in adults who no longer believe in the magic of Christmas.  

Kin Hubbard, the famous journalist cartoonist, once said about the Christmas spirit:

Luckily, there are these hilarious Christmas house flags that you can put up around the house to bring up some merry laughs. 

A little inspiration could be all that’s needed to convert a gloomy Christmas into a joyful and fun time of year for the whole family. We don’t mean to brag but, at FlagsRUs, we know how to get the Christmas spirit going. 

Check out these eight funny and exciting house flags that will transform your home during Christmas

Sledding Pups House Flag

Christmas flag showing two pups sledding down a hill
Sledding Pups House Flag

Get set up for your favorite winter traditions this year! Be festive with these adorable and furry sledders dolled up with winter gear and snowmobile goggles. 

The print is lively, cheerful, and ridiculously adorable! Deck the halls with these two Christmas cuties as they cheerfully ride their sleigh down a snowy lane—you’re sure to turn heads.

This festive duo is printed on a durable, heavyweight fabric house flag that measures 28x40". Hang it on your walls or stake it in your garden—it can even serve as a fun memory of Christmas sledding with family and friends… in dog form.

This home decoration should bring some wintery fun all season long into spring. It makes for a perfect gift too.

Friendly Tip: Put this flag in your living room, and it’s sure to evoke pleasant memories of days past. You could even get the stories and anecdotes flowing, brewing up the best laughter of all.

Buy the Sledding Pups House Flag.

Santa Cat House Flag

brand price flags christmas
Chester, The Cat Has Gifts! Double Sided House Flag

Your neighbors will get a kick out of you whipping this little guy out.

This adorable cat with gifts is one of our favorites. And we're sure if Santa ever found himself pressed for time with the number of good boys and girls this year, he would simply say, 'Kitty, roll out!'

And indeed! This Santa cat has gone all out this year with a selection of gifts for you and your family. Now he's graciously passing out presents to everyone on your street.

Give this flag as a holiday decoration, or leave it in your yard all winter long to remind neighbors and passersby of the magic that’s the Christmas season. 

Testimonail from Sue S.

Made with high-quality materials, this double-sided flag will stay brightly colored and last through wind, rain, snow, sleet—whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

There’s nothing like a kitty Christmas.

Buy the Santa Cat House Flag.

Ho Ho Ho Santa Claus House Flag

color Christmas filters color
Ho Ho Ho Santa Claus Double Sided House Flag

We don’t know about you, but a hearty laugh from a merry old man is guaranteed to make our bellies wobble!

Show off the jolly old elf with your home's holiday decor. What’s more festive than a rosy-cheeked Santa Claus with an array of presents spilling out of his red sack? 

Keep the North Pole magic in your living room year-round or during Christmastime with this festive Santa Claus House Flag.

Featuring a classic red and white design, this is one of those Christmas flags that guarantee to make you feel the joyful Christmas cheer all winter long. 

Buy the Ho Ho Ho Santa Claus Double-Sided House Flag.

Puppy Helps Decorate Double-Sided House Flag

reindeer color produced mildew
Puppy Helps Decorate Double Sided House Flag

Leave it to a puppy under the Christmas tree to know all about Christmas cheer. Sometimes, a little bit of clumsiness and goofiness is all it takes to help everyone in the family loosen up and enjoy the holiday spirit.

Designed with bright and festive colors, this pup is helping to decorate the Christmas room by dangling lights—a design that can make even the most serious man chuckle.

What better way to decorate than with this impressive, festive design of a pup that everyone is bound to love?

Buy the Puppy Helps Decorate Double Sided House Flag.

READ: Want your own puppy or pet on display in the large selection of decorative house flags we have?

Personalize your holiday flags, whether you plan to stake it at home or on your lawn. We’ll be delighted to see your pup or kitten in print on our decorative flags!

Happy Holidays America House Flag

color printed and hung
Christmas Gifts Delivery Double Sided House Flag

After a long day of delivering trees to pine-less forests, this festive snowman can help your home stand out with pride.

As he rounds the bend during his annual holiday tour, let everything witness the spirit of this carrot-nosed fellow spreading goodwill and cheer among friends, family, and neighbors

Plus, that’s an American flag within your house flag. A perfect choice for everyone who loves America to show their patriotism year round!

Celebrate a wintry Christmas time in the USA with this amusing print.

Buy the Happy Holidays America Double-Sided House Flag.

Christmas Gifts Delivery House Flag

color printed and hung
Christmas Gifts Delivery Double Sided House Flag

Ever wanted to prank your neighbor by saying, “Check your mailbox. It looks like it’s overflowing with gifts!”

Well, now you can. Take advantage of this overflowing, red mailbox design as a gift and watch your neighbor express shock, then chuckle in amusement.

This double-sided flag works great as garden decor or on your wall indoors, an easy way to enhance your room with some quality prints.

Buy the Christmas Gifts Delivery Double-Sided House Flag. Flag pole not included.

Nose to Nose House Flag

Nose to Nose House Flag
Nose to Nose House Flag

Give your house a ho-ho-holiday this winter with these double-sided, 300-denier polyester holiday flags. 

The nose-to-nose design includes an adorable snowman and deer pecking each other, all while a bunch of cardinals, hares, and chickadees watch in merriment. 

With this flag, you can enjoy seasonal colors like reds, greens, and whites, along with dazzling snowflakes on a jet-black backdrop during a winter night. Proudly show off your love for the cute creatures of the night while spreading some holiday cheer!

Buy the Nose to Nose House Flag.

Santa Cookie House Flag

Santa Cookie House Flag

A smile is contagious and usually precedes laughter. This smiling picture of Santa Claus is a joyous one that looks like he’s close to bursting out in laughter at any moment.

This Santa Claus design featuring him eating a gingerbread cookie is one that looks marvelous in the living room, fireplace, or kitchen.

Give your friend or relatives a spirited chuckle with this fun and seasonal gift.

Buy the Santa Cookie House Flag.

Flags for All the Seasons

So, there you have it. For a rundown, here’s the theme of each flag listed at a glance:

  • Sledding Pups
  • Santa Cat
  • Ho Ho Ho Santa Claus
  • Puppy Helps Decorate
  • Happy Holidays America
  • Christmas Gifts Delivery
  • Nose to Nose
  • Santa Cookie
  • Santa Cookie House

Now, you’ve seen all these wonderful flags, but how do you hang them?

Here’s a step-by-step video on how to get your flag hung high and proud.

No time? Here are the steps from the video, in summary:

  • Spread open the garden flag and loop it into your garden pole.
  • Insert the flag through the U-shaped section of the pole.
  • Scrunch the flag inside gently until it's all the way inside.
  • Squeeze in a rubber stopper to secure the flag into place.

Hilarious Christmas Flags Banner

At FlagsRUs, we serve many more Christmas flags that range in all various themes and sizes.

But that’s not all. We also offer flag designs for each season and occasion. Whether you want to stake a flag during the sunny summers or crispy autumns, we’re sure to have a design you’ll love.

Non-seasonal models are available too for decorations all year round.

Interested? Check our fall catalog of garden flags today to kickstart your flag hunting journey.

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