November 18, 2017 2 min read

It is nearing the end of harvest time on the farm—the early mornings, late nights, all nights, and running when you can, because you never know what the weather will do.

Farmers are truly special people that love the land and love the process of planting the seed and having faith that it will grow so they will have a bountiful harvest. It is amazing how just a seed, as tiny as can be, can grow to be over eight feet tall, producing some of the best corn or beans possible.

Many times on my way home from work, I get behind a huge combine or tractor and trailer which is hauling the harvest to the farm, and I think of all the work, dedication, faith, and more work that has gone into each and every load of the harvest. With harvests in mind, now would be the perfect time to check out the closeout sales at FlagRUsfor that harvest flag or mailbox cover, for the special someone in your life. Fall hasn't quite come to a close just yet!

As we leave one season and move onto another, a special tradition that my family enjoys during the upcoming Thanksgiving celebration is venturing out to cut our own Christmas tree. As kids, we would actually go out into our wooded acres and choose a tree that had popped up out of nowhere. Our trees were always what everyone called the Charlie Brown tree—never perfect, always lopsided, and somewhat funny looking. But we loved our time together, walking the hills, looking for that lonesome tree that we would call ours. 

With my husband and kids, we still go cut our own tree, but we go to a tree farm and walk among the hundreds of beautiful trees in order to choose the perfect one. I love the challenge of finding just the right tree, and yes, I always want the tree that looks a little funny and lopsided, which probably not be chosen by anyone else. This flag reminds me of our many trips of going and getting the tree and bringing it home to enjoy.


As we are approaching Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays, remember to thank a farmer for the bountiful crops he produces so that we can sit down and fill ourselves to overflowing! Also, don't forget to look for your own Charlie Brown tree this year and think of us back at The Happy Trail Farm! 

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