January 18, 2018 2 min read

My son and his friends are currently on vacation and I was asked to watch his kitty, Cuddles. Growing up on a farm, we had a lot of barn cats, but never had a cat in the house. I must admit, I have always been a bit afraid of cats and tend not to pick them up or pet them.

Jordan, my son, on the other hand, has always liked cats. So, when he purchased the farm, he knew he could have his own. He started the farm with a black lab dog named Reilly, then added chickens, and now Cuddles has joined the family.

As I was looking through the flags at FlagsRUs, I was thrilled to find the perfect flag to represent Jordan's love of cats. For all of you cat lovers out there, take a peek at this cute one. I also had to chuckle to think that I found a Valentine's Day flag with cats in it and Jordan's cat's name is "Cuddles", seems fitting.

As we think of all that we are blessed with this Valentine's Day, I am reminded to have a grateful heart. To truly give thanks for the special "loves" that we have in our lives, that bring us so much joy. Perhaps some extra cuddles for those extra special people in your life.

I think one of the Valentine's Day flags for that special couple that just got married or engaged, would be a great surprise to wish them well on their journey together.

If you are wondering what to get some of the people who are special to you this Valentine's Day, check out FlagsRUs. There is something for everyone!

Remember to get your cuddles in this Valentine's Day and Happy Trail Farms reminds you to truly be grateful for all of the blessings you have in your life.

Here is the real "Cuddles"!


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