October 15, 2017 1 min read

Each season offers its own spin of beauty. Winter unleashes white layers and crystal prisms. Spring unfolds with fresh greens and blossom sprays. Summer shows off with deep greens and countless colors of flowers.

Many would argue that fall tops them all with its rainbow blaze: red apples, orange pumpkins, yellow ginkos, green gourds, blue skies and purple mums.

One cannot escape autumn's artistry.

 I always plant a few rows of zinnias in my garden because they're colorful, inexpensive and hearty through the fall.  Attracted to the zinnias are all manner of bees, butterflies and moths, hunters of food at a scarce buffet. When most flowers have checked out for the season, zinnias stay strong.

Insects add color, movement and interest in an autumn garden, as do flags and signs that never fade.

  As we prepare our homes for holiday guests, and the last blooms succumb to the first frosts, some permanent color is good idea.

A festive door mat makes a welcoming first impression. A group of fall favorites or a splash of fun color makes your door step inviting. 

These last two photos I included just for fun, adding the living color of my children to the post. May nature's paint drip all over your fall this year, and may a little find its way to your doorstep. 


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