Feeding Birds In Winter

by Vickie Kulp January 16, 2019 2 min read

As I write this, a snow storm has gone through many states including mine of Virginia. Many birds that usually eat insects, fruits and plant seeds in the summer don't have as much of these available in winter. Therefore feeding the birds in winter is beneficial to them and entertaining for people especially on cold snowy days stuck inside.

Besides food, birds need water of course. A bird bath heater will keep the water in the bath from freezing.

Birds at my feeders in winter have been Mourning Dove, Cardinal, Blue Jay, Junco, Mockingbird and Red-Bellied Woodpecker just to name a few.

Mourning Doves eat mostly on the ground but will also eat off a platform style feeder. They love millet, safflower seed and cracked corn.                                                        Virginia's state bird is the Cardinal. The bright red male is easily recognizable. The female is a duller red. Their favorite food is safflower seed and cracked corn. They are both pictured below along with two Sparrows. Flagsrus.org has lots of items featuring Cardinals. CLICK HERE TO SEE. 

 I think my favorite bird is the Blue Jay. The Blue Jays LOVE peanuts. They fly to the feeder, grab a peanut and fly away to enjoy their treat! You can put peanuts on a platform feeder or buy a peanut feeder which holds many peanuts. They also like sunflower seeds. Want to decorate your yard with Blue Jay flags and more? CLICK HERE to see what Flagsrus.org has. 

The Junco is also called the Snow Bird. They are cute little birds. At feeders they prefer millet over sunflower seeds. They like cracked corn too. A Junco watches a Cardinal eating in photo below.

I don't see many Mockingbirds in winter. They aren't big on grain or seeds. They like suet, peanut kernels, peanut butter and fruits such as apple slices, raisins and grapes.

Another favorite bird is the Red-Bellied Woodpecker. He loves eating insects but in winter there aren't as many as in warmer weather. Like the Blue Jay, the Red-Bellied Woodpecker loves peanuts. They also like grapes and oranges.  In the wild they eat acorns and pine cones. There are different types of Woodpeckers. Flagsrus.org has items with different Woodpeckers. CLICK HERE TO SEE. 

Although a squirrel isn't a bird of course, they love much of the same food birds do. Yes, they are pigs at the feeder. I think they will eat anything! ha ha They love peanuts and sunflower seeds. Flagsrus.org has some funny squirrel items. CLICK HERE TO SEE

          My cat Lola likes to watch the squirrels and birds too! ha ha   Use code WINTER10 at flagsrus.org to save ten percent on all winter items.                    

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