Flag a Friend.

by Russ Kennedy January 01, 2016 2 min read

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. ~Walter Winchell

Have you ever done something for a friend just because it felt right? Well of course you have, that is what friendship is all about. We laugh, cry, share life and support our friends; often they are more like family. This is where our story begins:  A few months ago we featured the article “I want a pony”, where you met my dear friend Judy. She and her husband Jeff, who is like a big brother to me, not only work full time jobs but also have the full time job of keeping up their ranch housing many critters including two horses. While some of us may need to feed the dog or cat before heading out the door to work, Judy gets up at the crack of dawn to feed, water and care for her horses before heading off to work. I could sense that Judy was getting a bit stressed and thought she needed a little smile, so I ordered up a Winter horse flag and had it shipped to her house secret Santa style. Jeff who kept an eye out for the package helped along the surprise and when it arrived signed the package From Father Christmas. The flag arrived just before Thanksgiving when the house would be full of people; the timing seemed perfect. Judy enjoyed her flag and took a moment to share a sentiment.


The flag was a wonderful gift. As soon as I opened the box I was excited and yelling WOW!!! Horse was realistic, colors extremely vibrant, made of quality material. Due to the warm weather it was not exposed to snow and ice, but rained on and was out in high winds. No issues at all. I can see the flag from far away and smile every time I see it.

Knowing this flag made my friend so happy and brings a smile to her face makes me happy in return and that’s how friendship works. This it got me thinking, what about a Flag a Friend campaign! If you would like to surprise a friend, you can purchase a flag that would be special to them and have it shipped off to their address. Follow this link to the homepage and you can browse the catalog there. Our awesome customer service department will be glad to lend you a hand if needed.

If you wish to share your Flag a friend story on our Facebook page or send us an email, we love to hear from our customers. You can also leave a comment right here on the blog page.

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