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Kids Birthday Party

Who doesn’t love a great party?! Do you prefer to be the guest or the host? Whether your young or old, there is something about parties that everybody loves. The rousing conversations, the tasty food and the amazing decorations make for an amusing atmosphere and memories to last a lifetime. What's my favourite part about parties you might ask? The games of course! Whether it’s a Halloween haunting of Bloody Mary or a round of white elephant at Christmas, I think parties are never complete without a fun game that has everyone engaging and playing together. Another great thing about parties is that you can have a super awesome theme to go along with it. Other than holiday parties, birthday, anniversary and even graduation parties can be themed around any concept, tv show, movie, location and more. That being said, why not host a party with a garden theme? Also, since every great party needs to have games, here’s a list of garden themed party game ideas to get you started!

Hot potato
Pass it on! This game is action-packed, thrilling and the name already suggests that it’s themed for a garden party! Of course, you don’t have to use a potato to pass around as an object but you should keep the object garden themed. You could pass around fruit, vegetable, flower bouquet or anything else that you seem fit. In addition to what you play the game with, you should also consider where you play the game. Of course, you should play the game outdoors and preferably in your garden since it is a garden themed party, but you should try to be specific on the details. Where in your garden should you play the game? For example, if you are going to have guests that are adventurous, then it’s a good idea to play hot potato over difficult terrain in your garden, such as between rows of vegetables or around trees, in order to keep the competition high and on edge.

Garden themed piñata
Kids Party Pinata

The people who love piñatas at parties generally fall into two categories. The first category is for the sweet tooth guests who get a sugar rush just from watching the delicious candy fall like rain from the opened piñata. The second category is for the hard-hitting, stick-wielding maniacs who live to let off steam by hitting a paper cover cardboard box repeatedly while it’s dangling in the air. When you host your garden themed party, you will have guests from both categories attending. Either way, piñatas are a great addition to your party that gets the overall party energy pumping. To incorporate a piñata into a garden themed party, you should purchase a garden themed piñata which can be found at your local party store or dollar store. Try to choose a piñata that looks like a plant or an animal. In addition to what your piñata looks like, you should also make sure that you hang your piñata from a garden incorporated space such as a tree. Lastly, make sure that you fill your piñata full with garden-themed goodies such as gummy worms, Swedish berries, flower shaped candy and fruit flavoured candy.

Musical flowers
Musical Chairs

Who doesn’t love a classic game of musical chairs?! The great thing about this party staple is that you can easily make it garden themed. To start off with, a huge part of musical chairs is the music so I recommend that you pick a song that fits a garden theme. Good garden themed songs could include Beethoven’s flight of the bumblebee or tiptoe through the Tulips by Tiny Tim. Not only can you customize the music in musical chairs, song, you can also customize the chairs! A great garden themed chair could be anything from flower shaped pillows to covering your chairs with a sheet that has plants or animals printed on them.

Pin the ‘blank’ on the ‘blank’
Pin the Tail on the Donkey

This game is a real crowd pleaser as it’s challenging and funny at the same time. The traditional version of this game is to pin the tail on the donkey, but this game can easily be altered to fit your garden themed party. Some garden themed versions could include pin the bean on the bean stock, pin the petal on the flower, pin the apple on the tree, and so many more! The only thing to remember about this game, however, is that you will probably have to make the garden themed version of this game yourself. Time to show off your inner artist!

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