Get on your bike and ride!

by Russ Kennedy June 14, 2015 1 min read

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Harley Davidson is truly an iconic name when it comes to motorcycles, and a brand sought after from riders of all walks of life. You can tell a Harley is coming just by hearing them roar, a distinct sound indeed. We have a whole line of flags just to honor this world class bike.


If it’s not enough having the bike to show off your Harley pride you can post a flag on your house or yard to let everyone know this is Harley country. For a riding couple like my friends Rori and Ashley, there are his and hers Harley flags.

mc644576The H.O.G. Harley owners group is known for the great events they host for Harley owners and enthusiasts but they also have organized rides to raise money for charity. Recently in the Metro Detroit area, Harley Fest was held and a ride for charity was part of the days events. mc1490gOne of the mini Harley flags would mount nicely to your bike and would look great for a charity ride as you fly the bikers motto “Live to Ride.” The other great thing about a Harley is you can find a bike that fits your riding style and customize to fit your personality, and if that doesn’t work you can even custom build your own. Show your Harley pride as you ride an American classic.

Have safe travels as you hit the open road, and to those not riding a bike, please keep your eyes open for cyclists.



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