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A set of old clothes, a hat, straw and some posts and you have the making of a modern day scarecrow. The history of these bird scaring creations dates back to the Egyptians, Romans and up through history, some being carved of wood or fashioned of branches and eventually being made from clothes, straw and a wooden frame. Still in use today the scarecrow often is more of shiny material that spins and twirls to keep birds and other critters away from valuable crops.


The scarecrow or at least the version made of clothes, straw and human like features, has become a bit of a pop icon and is very popular for autumn and Halloween decor. We would like to share our collection of scarecrow crop with you. So wipe your feet on our scarecrow doormat and come on in and take a look around.


Here is something really clever, a scarecrow address art snap. These magnetic signs can be used on a metal door or mailbox to show of your address comes with adhesive numbers. Speaking of mailboxes, we have a variety of scarecrow mailbox wraps.

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Who can forget the lovable scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz, he certainly is an iconic character still today with his wonderful dance moves and happy burlap face. Putting a happy scarecrow flag up at your home would certainly brighten everyone’s day. We even have an adorable scarecrow couple going for a stroll.

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Whether you prefer the rag doll look or more of a jack o lantern style scarecrow, we have plenty of styles to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find something that suits you.



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