A How-To Guide on how to Decorate Pumpkins

by Tricksy Tania September 28, 2018 2 min read

It’s that time of the year again! The leaves are changing colour, scary movies are being shown on the television, and candy is coming in hauls from grocery shops everywhere. Yes, it’s autumn! With ever autumn that comes around, it’s hard not to see everyone’s favourite orange gourd popping up at every corner. Whether you carve your pumpkin into a jack o lantern or bake it into a delicious pie, it’s hard not to see and fall in love with this staple of the fall season. Whether you prefer to grow a pumpkin patch is up to you, but isn’t it nice to decorate your garden with pumpkins none the less? So let’s say you didn’t have space, climate, will, preference or urge to grow your own pumpkin but you would still like to spook up your garden with these seasonal icons. How can you do this, you might ask? Here are some suggestions

Jack o lantern

Pumpkin Decorating 101: Jack o'Lanterns
The jack o lantern is always the first idea that comes to mind when people think of decorating for Halloween. It’s a time long tradition where one would cut a hole in the top of a pumpkin and scoop out the guts and seeds. After the pumpkin has been thoroughly hollowed, you can then proceed to carve out a shape on your pumpkin. The traditional design is a scary face but over the years this has evolved into anything from words, other faces, pop culture characters, pictures, abstract designs and more. This is then used to allow light to shine through from a candle positioned inside of the pumpkin.

2. Arachnophobic, are we?

Pumpkin Decorating 101: Pumpkins and Spider Webs
If you want something scary instead to decorate your garden, you can instead choose the option of covering your pumpkin with spider webs and fake (or real) spiders.

3. Paint it

Pumpkin Decorating 101: Painted Pumpkins
This method is highly perfected among small pumpkin varieties as they are usually too small and hard to be cut. Also, the method of painting a pumpkin is favourable among those who do not wish to have to deal with the gross guts of a pumpkin and the cleanup process afterwards. The same rules go for painting pumpkins as it does for carving pumpkins. You can feel free to paint with any colour for any design that you want.

4.Dress it up

Pumpkin Decorating 101: Pumpkin Dress Up
Did you know that pumpkins like to dress up for Halloween too?! It’s true! Sure, they might not fit into the store sized human costumes but with a little creativity and sewing skills, you can get your pumpkin ready for trick or treating with a fantastic costume.

5. Glitter-tastic!

Pumpkin Decorating 101: Glitter Pumpkins
What’s so spooky about glitter? Other than being a nightmare to wash off, in recent years glitter covered pumpkins have become all the rage. To make a glittery gourd of your own, simply coat your pumpkin in a fine layer of glue and sprinkle or roll it around in any coloured glitter until it is completely covered. This is a quick method of pumpkin decorating and can easily light up a party even in the dark.

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