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Is the scent of roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, apple pie and cranberry sauce floating through your kitchen? Are stores advertising the lowest prices on their products for Black Friday? Can you hear the turkeys gobbling and leaves rustling in the wind? If so, then Thanksgiving is just around the corner and coming on fast! This year, why not remind your garden that you were thankful for its  bountiful harvest by decorating it with these thanksgiving holiday-inspired ideas

Handprint turkeys

Handprint Turkey

Gobble gobble gobble! Nothing says Thanksgiving like this all American bird. On the other hand *wink, wink* the simple shape of a human hand can easily be transformed into a variety of shapes, objects and, you guessed it, animals! Here’s a fun decoration to make and display on your gardens fence. For this project, you will need a flat medium that can easily be moved such as a sheet of wood, paper, fabric or canvas. You will also need something you can design with such as paint or markers. In order to make your handprint turkey, you will first need to either trace the outline of your hand on your selected medium or dip your hand in paint and stamp it on your medium and leave to dry. Next, after you have made the body of your turkey you can feel free to decorate it however you want. Some ideas include eyes, a beak and other features of a turkey while some artists might choose to add clothes and other humanistic items. The last step is easy. Simply find a flat and lateral surface where you can hang up your masterpiece!

Indian corn

Indian CornIt’s no surprise that plants are a beautiful and easy way in which someone can decorate their house and even their garden as well. Staple natural decorations for Thanksgiving includes Indian corn and festive gourds. Indian corn is a dried out corn cob that has adopted the tones of yellow, brown, black, red, orange and even blue to their many niblets. Indian corn can be strung and hung up around your doorways or placed on a table.

Gourds and squashes


When you hear or see the word gourd, it’s easy to automatically think of a pumpkin. Did you know, however, that gourds can come in all different shapes, sizes and colours? Acorn, Butternut, Cinderella’s carriage, ghost, and many more unique and interesting gourds out there exist and are just waiting to grace your tabletop! We encourage you to experiment with these fall harvest plants this Thanksgiving season.

Fallen leaves in rainbow colours

Autumn Leaves

In November, the autumn season is in full swing, which means that the leaves are falling like its no turkeys business! Beautiful leaves in gorgeous colours and amazing shapes are just too pretty to just rake up and stash in a bag so don’t let these little gems go to waste! There are many ways in which you can use leaves to decorate your house and garden for Thanksgiving. For instance, leaves can easily be incorporated into your dining room table as a placemat for cutlery. Another interesting decoration idea that you can do for leaves for Thanksgiving includes binding bundles of leaves together in a vase to make a lovely leaf bouquet, This method of leaf art is especially good when you have left with long stems, If you don’t want to restrict your leaf art to the table, you can always string a few leaves on a thread to make a garland or you can weave them into a beautiful wreath using a metal hoop and hang it on a door.

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