November 23, 2018 2 min read

Winter Garden

Can you feel it? Yes, it’s that time of the year yet again. The birds are flying south, the nights are getting longer and the snow is starting to fall. Winter has come once again and for most of us who don’t live past the southern states of America, it means that our gardens will now take a long needed rest until the next spring season rolls around. However, just because our gardens may not be able to produce anything on its own during Jack Frost’s return to the throne, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they need to be left out in the cold! Here is a simple guide on how to decorate your garden for winter.

Use coniferous plants to your advantage

Evergreen Garden

Coniferous plants are plants that retain their leaves throughout the winter months. This is a contrast to deciduous plants which are plants that lose their leaves during the winter months which typically begins in late September to early October and continues on until they are fully bare. Popular coniferous plants include trees and shrubs that have needles or evergreen leaves such as juniper, spruce, pine and more. Hopefully, this small, scientific blurb explained the concept to you but if you got lost in all the facts it can simplify in two words; Christmas trees! These beautiful plants are not just for the festive holiday where you bring one inside and decorate it with baubles, tinsel and a shining star though. This winter, why not decorate your garden by providing it with its own festive shrubs by filling your now empty pots with these forever shrubs to replace your wilted flowers or if you already have evergreen plants in your yard, share your holiday decorations with them as well as your indoor tree.

Reconnect with your inner child through the snow


Let's face the fact. Snow is cold and troublesome. From the constant shoveling to the delayed commute, this white fluff that falls from the sky can easily put a damper on your winter happiness levels. Although it may be hard for some of us, try to imagine a time back when in our childhood where snow meant no school, snow angels, snowmen and lots of winter fun! Recreate this joy by decorating your garden with gorgeous snowmen and snow angels that show off your artistic flair.  Most importantly, however, is remember to have fun while doing it!

Light it up like a runway

Christmas Garden

A common and well-liked feature of the winter season is a ton of twinkling lights! Many cities around this time celebrate with festive lighting displays, families decorate their tree with thousands of multicoloured Christmas tree lights and people are now climbing ladders and making the risk of getting sent to the emergency room in order to put up their lights around their house. Winter is a fabulous time to experiment and decorate your garden with lights due to the long nights experienced in this season. Fairy lights are a fantastic addition as they come in many different shapes, designs, sizes and colours but you can also experiment with garden lights that you put in the ground and even light up plastic Christmas lights.

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