October 16, 2018 2 min read

How to decorate your garden naturally.

It’s a universal fact that plants are beautiful. From vibrant flowers in every colour of the rainbow to lush foliage and gleaming fruit and vegetables in every shape and size, a garden is a thing of pure visual bliss. In addition, you work hard to make sure your plants look their best. Make sure that you exploit the glory of nature to its full potential with these simple ideas that will allow you to decorate your garden with the plants that are already in your garden!

Climb the walls 
Rose Garden

Many of us have garden fences in our garden. Whether it’s made of wood or iron or even plastic. Most of the time, a fence is needed and unavoidable but they can, however, be super useful as well! Many plants that are readily available require a vertical surface, such as a fence, in order to grow. The most well-known plant for decorating a fence are certain rose varieties, but you can also use Rios, and even climbing vines such as ivy.

Brush up on your topiary skills 


Little or big, a bush is a fantastic addition to any garden. From luscious leaves such as boxwoods to year-round coniferous such as juniper or even a flowering lilac which will excite your nose as well as your eyes, there is a shrub out there for any and every garden. The downside to a bush though, is that they need regular grooming or else they can grow into a shaggy mess. Show your shrub some tender and loving care by giving it a nice trim once in a while. The art of shaping a shrub is called topiary. Try your hand with a pair of clippers by practicing your inner topiary skills. You can try to do a basic globe or box shape, or you can let your imagination go wild by trying to create a fantastic 3D shape like a cute animal!

Above all, plan it out.
With all of these ideas that I can give to you, the easiest and probably most effective way of decorating your garden naturally is by carefully planning out your garden before you actually start growing anything.

You can do this simple task any time before you go out and plant your flowers or sow your seeds. In order to do this, you can take a sheet of paper and a pencil and create a map of your garden. After that, you can do some tease arch about the different plants that are available and choose the ones that you would like to have. Then, you can proceed to map out where you want to place each plant in your garden. Therefore, this method is a great thing to put on your winter to-do list to keep you entertained until spring comes around!

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