How To Use Accent Magnets

by Vickie Kulp February 21, 2020 2 min read


Have you heard about accent magnets? You haven't? Well, they are fun and so easy to use. They are six inch round magnets that can be used on a stake, easel or garden flag arbor to be displayed in your yard or home. Actually they can be used on most anything a magnet adheres to. To find out how to use the accent magnets please continue reading.


The Accent Magnet Garden Flag Arbor shown above, displays your garden flag and accent magnet. Just place the accent magnet on the round metal at the top of the arbor. Hang a garden flag on the rod below the magnet. Install in the ground. Order your arbor HERE.


Mix or match magnets and flags on the Accent Magnet Garden Flag Arbor. Some accent magnets have matching flags but you can be more creative and personal by pairing it with a different garden flag. Examples are above in my illustration.

The Accent Magnet Stake shown above, is another way to display accent magnets. It's made of high quality wrought iron and is thirty five inches high. Just place the accent magnet on the round metal plate at top of the stake. Then to place the stake in the ground, just push down on the H stake with your foot. Get yours HERE.


The Accent Magnet Easel shown above can be used inside or outside. Just place the magnet on the large round metal area. It stands twelve inches tall and eight inches wide. Some outside places to display an easel would be on your porch, in a flower bed, on a patio table, etc. Inside, it might fit on a fireplace mantle, on a table or shelf. Get yours HERE.

Other places for Accent Magnets are on refrigerators, dishwashers, cars, trucks, campers, metal doors, garage doors and on most any metal area! Have fun finding places to put you accent magnets! Look at all the accent magnets Flagsrus has HERE.  

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