How to Wear a Flag

by Tricksy Tania December 20, 2019 3 min read

Every independent nation in the world today has a day in the year that is dedicated to celebrating their own country. Usually, this celebratory day happens annually and is associated with the time in history when this country became its own country or gained its independence.

This being said, many countries who celebrate their birthday essentially mark this day with celebrations. Such celebrations include parties, parades and other social events. These social events are often decorated with symbols of the country that it is being celebrated in. So, what's a better symbol of a country than it’s own flag? It's a common sight to see any parade or party that is dedicated to a country national holiday bursting at every corner with its nations flags. So how can you get in on your nation's holiday by showing your pride at one of these fun and social events? Here is a guide on how to wear a flag.

A Guide on How to Wear a Flag

Become a Superhero!

Wearing a Flag

The easiest way to find and purchase a flag is in the standard format of a large, rectangular shaped flag as you would see one displayed on a flagpole. However, a flag pole is not the only way to display these standard sized flags. A great way to display your pride for your country is by taking advantage of this easy to find sized flag format and to wear it as a cape. This is also the easiest way to wear a flag. In order to wear a flag as a cape, all that you need to do is to either drape or tie a flag around your shoulders. 

Try a New Hairdo

Flag in Hair

In today's modern age, there are multiple hairdos that exist. From short to long to medium, wavy to curly to straight, men to women to unisex and everything in between. Your hairdo can tell a lot about who you are. That being said, why not try a hairdo that shows your pride for your country by decking it out with flags? There are many hairdos that you can have that use flags. For instance, you can insert small, handheld flags into your hair. Also, you can use a small shaped flag as a bandana to wrap around your forehead. Or, if all else fails, you can always purchase and wear a headband or hat that pictures your countries flag. 

Bling Bling

American Jewelry

Another great way to show your pride for your nation during its national holiday is by wearing your countries flag as a beautiful piece of jewelry. Besides, who doesn’t love to receive a gorgeous piece of jewelry on their birthday? In fact, most of these methods of wearing your countries flag are so subtle that you can continue to show your national pride all year round. One way in which you can can wear your nations flag as a symbol of jewelry is by wearing it as a necklace. You can have a necklace with your country’s flag as a small, singular pendant on a chain, or you can purchase a plastic beaded necklace which will have multiple flag symbols at your local dollar store.

Also, you can show off your nations flag by wearing it with pride as a bracelet. Many forms of flag decorated bracelets exist such as in a beaded version on a leather cuff, as a charm on a charm bracelet or painted onto an amulet through a metal or rock plated bracelet. In addition, you can also wear a ring where, instead of a stone, the main centrepiece for that ring is your nation’s flag. To add on, another great way of wearing your country’s flag is through a piercing like an earring or belly ring.

Lastly, if your attending a formal event in order to celebrate your country's birthday, you might benefit from wearing your countries flag as a cuff link or a level pin on a suit or as a broach on a dress.  

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