Light the way.

by Russ Kennedy July 12, 2016 2 min read

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Outdoor yard lights are a nice addition to your landscape which are both functional and appealing to the eye.

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The practical uses for yard lights vary such as a means to light the sidewalk going to your front door or light the path to a backyard hot tub. Yard lights may help with security around a low first floor window or a spotlight to illuminate your American flag at night.

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The use of lights in a garden along the driveway edge of the house may be key in helping the teenage driver navigate at night. These are just a few ways outdoor lights serve as a tool.

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In the garden, these lights may actually be part of the landscape like adding them in between bushes and flowers to make a pattern. Others will use the lights as a border for the garden. Garden lights may simply be used as an accent to spruce up a flower box.

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I have seen so many different styles of outdoor lighting and they make such a nice decoration all on their own. Here we see the lights as an added feature in the flower beds, they look nice during the day and create a whole new look to the yard at night.

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Years ago outdoor lighting systems often had to be installed by a professional but now with  the popularity of solar powered lights, one can go the DIY route with the yard lights. Solar powered lights are typically stand alone units allowing the consumer complete freedom to place the lights anywhere they choose.

Being a novice in the garden world now days doesn’t mean one can’t have a nice light display.


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