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One of the best things about flags is that they are so diverse. For example, flags can come in many different shapes such as rectangles, squares, triangles, and so on. To add on, flags can come in any color of the rainbow and beyond.

Also, flags can have a variety of different designs to fit any season or occasion and can, therefore, relate a wide range of messages. However, one aspect of the diversity of flags that is often overlooked is the fact that flags can also be made from any material imaginable. From cotton to burlap to satin and more, flags can be made out of many different materials. One material that can be used to make a flag is linen.

What is Linen?

Linen is a type of fabric or textile. Linen is made from the flax plant fibers. Linen is made by separating the flax seeds from the flax stem, then shredding the flax stem into thin threads which must then be spun and woven into a sheet of fabric. The process of producing linen takes a lot of work. However, linen can be made into many different products such as clothing, bedding, sails, curtains and, most importantly, flags!

What is Flax?

Flax can also be known as linseed. Flax plants are a common crop in places near central Eurasia such as Egypt, Syria and Georgia. From the flax plant, we can receive many types of edible products such as flax seed and linseed oil. The flax plant can also be harvested for its fibers.

Why is Linen Popular?

Linen is a popular fabric for its many different beneficial properties. The first of these many popular attributes that are associated with linen, is that this fabric material is versatile in hot weather. To explain, linen will keep you cool in hot weather as it is porous and therefore breathable. Also, the linen is very strong. To add on, linen has a very smooth texture which allows the wearer of clothes that is made with linen to have a pleasant experience as this fabric feels great on the skin. Lastly, linen is known to wick moisture away, making it a fast-drying textile as well.

Linen Flags

Due to their beautiful appearance and texture, linen flags can make a gorgeous addition to any home. Linen is a very fine fabric which can make it a perfect material if you choose to have a floral design to your flag. As well, since linen is strong, you can have your linen flag inscribed with words to convey any message that you are trying to say. Regardless of these points, linen is a pretty and versatile fabric that makes it a perfect material to use for any type of flag that you want to have!

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