Mad For Plaid

by Laura Knoerr November 08, 2017 1 min read

Oh, my word! Thanksgiving is almost here! How did that happen? Wasn't it only yesterday that stores were loaded with Halloween and Christmas products simultaneously? (I'm glad that over! What a strange juxtaposition that is!) Now, however, I’m strangely attracted to red and green plaid, and thinking I should put up the exterior Christmas lights before we get snow and cold. But, I'm probably too late.

Speaking of plaid, I’m seeing it in all my Christmas catalogs this season, and I am a huge fan.I once had a tarletan plaid woolen skirt that I wore to death. I simply can’t pass by a Pendleton store without going in and lingering! I love going to the local summer Scottish festival just to check out the plaids and the bagpipes (which I adore as well).

I think my plaid love affair began with a beautiful red plaid jacket that my mom wore. It had that classic 50’s look – large gray mother-of-pearl buttons and big pockets. My mom looked so elegant in it. My dad caught her wearing it in more than one photo – which probably helps my memory.

Cozy plaid, pretty plaid, fuzzy plaid - plaid jackets, skirts, and bathrobes; plaid blankets, tablecloths and napkins - yes, that’s my style. So for Christmas, let there be plaid! Including plaid Santas! (This one's from FlagsRUs!)

 Cute Plaid Santa

I don’t think that I’ll deal with the weather this weekend. Instead, in my warm plaid bathrobe with my plaid colored cup of hot chocolate, I’ll shop! Care to join me?

Girls in Christmas Plaid

Enjoy more plaids for Christmas from FlagsRus here. Happy Shopping!

Plaid Christmas Bell

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