Meet Phoebe!

by Jeanne Barr May 02, 2018 2 min read

Spring is my favorite season of the year. There is so much to look forward to, so much to plan and get ready for, gardens to plant, flowers to bloom, and babies to be born.

This is who I found this morning on my way to work. Meet Phoebe. She is about two hours old in this picture and already up and ready to face this world. What a beautiful little lady she is, full of life and ready for a day full of adventures.

Every year as new babies are born, the girls and I have to decide on names. For a couple of years now we have named the babies after a television show. So this baby is Phoebe and the other little gal is Rachel. Can you guess the show? Yes, "Friends" it is. I will keep you updated on who comes next—Ross or Monica!

What is your favorite thing about spring? Planning your garden, starting your vegetable seedlings, or just being outside and enjoying the birds singing? I love getting all of my lawn ornaments out each year and finding them a new place to spend their summer. I also enjoy choosing new arrangements and areas to decorate with all different options.

FlagsRUs has some amazing products to choose from for your own decorating needs. This year, perhaps it's time for a new mailbox cover or welcome mat to bring a new look to your home. With Mother's Day and Father's Day soon approaching, FlagsRUs also has some wonderful gift possibilities (or try a gift card if you just can't choose). 

This will be my newest addition this year, and it will find the perfect place on my porch to welcome all of our friends and visitors.

Happy Trail Farms and Phoebe wish you a blessed spring!

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