How to Install & Care for Sassafras Mini Doormats

by Vickie Kulp December 27, 2019 1 min read

Would you like to have a doormat to display during different seasons and holidays? You're thinking "I don't want to buy a lot of doormats. That's expensive and where will I keep all of them?"

Well, consider a sassafras doormat. It's so easy to have a different mat for different occasions. The mat fits into a tray. Mats are easily inserted and removed. Be creative and use different mats in different trays. 

The mat trays are very durable. They are made of polypropelene or PVC. Trays measure 18" x 30".  There are several designs to choose from. Designs can be seen HERE. 

The cushioned mats are permanently dyed and fade resistant. The mats measure 10" x 22".  See the many designs HERE.

It's so easy and simple to have a sassafras doormat. To install the mat, just slide or place it in the middle of the tray where it is secure. To change the mat just lift out. So simple! 

The doormat can also be used alone, not in the tray. For an example, mats can be used on steps. They can be used indoors or outdoors. 

They are easy to care for too. Just hose the mat off or spot clean with soap and warm water.


So for an inexpensive, easy and fun way to dress up your doorway get a sassafras mini doormat.

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