Moms and Quilts

by Laura Knoerr April 19, 2018 2 min read

With Mother's day coming soon, I've been thinking about my mom and her special hobby–quilting. This is a block from one she finished and gave to me. If we can't have spring outside, we might as well have it inside!

Pansy Quilt Block

My mom's mom, Grandma Ruth, was a quilter. And, many of my great aunts were quilters. It kept them productive during winter while the garden was at rest.

Grandma Ruth established a tradition of making a quilt for each of her grandchildren when they graduated from high school. My mom followed in her footsteps and did the same for her grandchildren. She continues to make them, and has given some to me. But, I still have the one Grandma Ruth made for me many years ago when I graduated. I put it away somewhere to preserve it, but don't remember where!

Grandma's gift quilt is a little tattered, because I loved it and used it extensively. My grandma also made quilts the old-fashioned Great Depression way with fabric from worn out clothing.

I'm sure that some of the pieces in my quilt are from dresses and shirts worn in the 1940's and 50's. Some of that fabric is too fragile to stitch back together. I've thought of attaching a replacement piece on top of the frayed pieces, but I just can't bring myself to change it up like that. 

Which is best?  To preserve a quilt for posterity like an antique, or use it as it was intended? After all, its best place for display is on a bed and to remember the person who made it!  I will make it my goal to get out all my handmade quilts and put them on beds for Mother's Day this year! Even if it means that I may have to search to find them all, and do some repair work!  

Butterfly Pansy Quilt

In that same decorating vein, FlagsRUs has some very fun flags and mats and mailbox wraps featuring quilts. What a great Mother's Day present for a quilting mom! Just use the search term "quilts"!

Here is a sample that I like:

Snuggle Buddies

 snuggle buddies picture


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