Must Haves to Survive a Snowy Winter

by Tricksy Tania February 09, 2019 2 min read

Snowy House
Don’t get fooled by the fluffy white snow and shimmering clear icicles. Although it may be nice to look at, the sense of a “winter wonderland” can easily lose its excitement after the 50th centimetre of snow gets whipped in your face as you stare into the never-ending blizzard. The winter months are a tricky few weeks of guessing as you could have a mild spring-like essence or days of perpetual cold. As someone who has grown up my whole life in a town that has had both early springs and days of ice, slush and snow, (oh my!) I know a thing or two about getting through snowstorms unscathed. Here are some winter essentials that you should have in your home if you live in a white winter climate.

Winter driving
Weather-safe car
With advances in technology in recent years, almost anything can now be done online. Nowadays all you need to do is pick up a phone or open up a laptop in order to buy almost anything, learn almost anything, keep occupied or even to make money. Therefore, hopefully, most people will not need to venture outdoors when the temperatures drop. However, if you are one of those individuals who is required to venture outside on a snowy day, make sure that your vehicle is also up to the task. Make sure to have the latest winter tires on your car well before the first snow falls. To add to this, a general rule is to make sure that the tread of the tire is deep enough and not worn out. Along with tires, your de-icing fluid tank should be stocked and your window scrubber will be your frosty friend to the end.

Non-perishable Food
Grocery Store Shelves

There is a reason to why some animal migrates or hibernate during the winter months. Humans can do this too. Unfortunately, however, many of us can’t afford (either through time or money) to migrate. In that case, a form of hibernation should be put into action. Make sure that you are first stocked up in your pantry and fridge. You never know when a storm will hit and the roads will close but you and your family will still need to eat. Secondly, make sure that you are eating the right foods. Warm meals are a must as well as foods that can last for a long time and need little preparation in case of a power outage.

Winter Clothing 
Winter Clothes Snowman

Most people have heard the expression that your body is a temple. In this case, I agree. Cold winter weather can take a sometimes dangerous and always harsh toll on the body. This means that you should always dress appropriately for the season in an outfit that includes a winter coat, snow boots, a hat, scarf, snow gloves and snow pants if needed. Don’t be afraid to layer up as well in sweaters, socks and long or thermal undergarments. I’m begging you, please choose substance over style!

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