February 06, 2018 2 min read

Before I became aware of Flagrus and all the fine products they offer, I felt the urge to express myself artistically one summer. This probably comes from knowing quite a few working artists and aspiring artists here in the scenic Driftless Region of southwest Wisconsin.

I’ve always liked splashes of bright, bold colors. I was also aware of the colorful Tibetan peace or prayer flags found in Asian countries because our daughter spent two years in Nepal as a Peace Corps Volunteer after college.

So to try to create my own flag display, I bought a packet of twelve colorful bandanas. Each one was a different color and they were all twenty-two inches square. What I came up with was an Americanized and rural version of the often triangular and usually smaller flags found in Asia.

They just fit on our clothes line and looked great there—somewhat like a very eclectic load of laundry. And it took very little breeze to bring the flags to life.

If you'd like to add some brilliant colors to your own garden or home, you don't have to resort to flying colorful bandanas, although they are pretty fluttering in the wind. Flagsrus products, which also rely on bright and bold colors in their products, have many beautiful designs in their flags. Whether you choose house and garden flags or welcome banners, or seasonal doormats and mailbox covers, the products all offer bright and uplifting accents to your home.

Stop by to look at some of the beautiful items you can use to add some color to your home as we emerge from winter's grey and browns. Click on the links below for holiday or seasonal selections to prepare for spring and summer.

Valentine's Day
• St. Patrick's Day
Mother's Day
Father's Day
Memorial Day

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