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Summer is coming! The heat is slowly building up and winds are starting to whisper “beach” in our ears! Well, that’s summer callin’ ya for a dip in the nearby ocean! We’re all excited about summer so why not show it with our new Summer flags brought to us by Carson!

Beach Signs Double Appliqued Flag

“To Beach or not to beach?” – That’s probably what comes in to mind the moment you look at this flag. What would you choose – relax in the calming, rejuvenating & dreamy sands of the beach or the stressful reality in the concrete jungle we call “real world”? Well, I think the choice we all choose is pretty much the same. Who wouldn’t want to relax in the beach? The Beach Signs Double Appliqued Flag is readable on both sides and comes in house and garden flag size. You can even buy the two sizes in a set!

Welcome to the Lake Garden Flag
Welcome to the Lake Garden Flag

For those near the lakes, this flag is for you! A lot of people even like the lake better than the beach. Very quiet for a nice day of fishing and picnic by the cabin. For many families, a day by the lake is the best way to spend a summer day! The Welcome to the Lake Garden Flag is readable on both sides. You can get this flag for only $10.65.


Summer Nights Garden Flag
Summer Nights Garden Flag

This flag reminds us of the peaceful summer nights we have with our closest friends and family especially when you spend the summer nights outdoors when fireflies come out and play. Seeing fireflies at night is one of the best things nature has to offer that everyone has to see. The Summer Nights Garden Flag is readable on both sides and only costs $14.63.

Fanciful Flight Garden Flag
Fanciful Flight Garden Flag

Of course, we wouldn’t want to forget these little birds that make spring possible every year, would we? The hummingbirds are just fantastic to watch. These little nectar collectors hover from flower to flower and fly off very quickly. If you like seeing hummingbirds in your garden, you should get this Fanciful Flight Garden Flag!  It only costs $11.83!

These flags are just some of the new Summer flags we received from Carson! You can check out the whole selection here.

With these flags, we hope to bring more color to your house and garden this Summer. Do not forget to use our Summer promo code, SUMMER10, for a 10% discount off your order for Summer items!


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