New Summer Flags from Custom Decor

by flagsrus June 08, 2016 2 min read


We’re feeling the summer heat and we’re craving for some much needed Vitamin “Sea”! With Custom Decor’s summer flags, surely you’ll want to visit the beach more!

Shell Basket Flag

Shell collecting is one of the most relaxing way to spend a summer day at the beach. With the waves crashing through the shore and your loved ones walking beside you, picking up a beautiful sea shell to have something to remember that moment by is always the best idea. You can get this Shell Basket Flag in garden and house flag version for $12.21 and $21.89, respectively.

Beach Chair Flag

What’s more relaxing than a nice day at the beach? Put your flip flops on, bring your beach umbrella and sit in front of the crashing waves of the beach! It’s summer! This Beach Chair Flag says that exact scene. Get the garden flag for only $12.21 and the house flag for only $21.89.

Flip Flop Welcome Beach Double Sided Flag

Remember the time when you went to the beach with the family or your friends and all their flipflops are all over the place? Well, that’s probably what this flag reminds you of! The Flip Flop Welcome Beach Flag comes in garden and house flag for only $13.13 and $24.21, respectively.

Cool At The Pool Double Sided Flag

For those who prefer to spend a hot summer day at the pool, this flag is for you! Complete with flip flops, floater and some lemonade, this flag tells a story of a typical summer day at the pool! Get the Cool At The Pool flag for only $13.13 for the garden flag and $24.21 for the house flag.

These flags are just some of the new Summer flags we got from Custom Decor! You can check out the whole selection here.

With these flags, we hope to heat up your Summer! Do not forget to use our Summer promo code, SUMMER10, for a 10% discount off your order for Summer items!


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