May 31, 2016 2 min read


Who wants to surf!? I know a lot who would spend a week in the beach trying to catch that perfect wave! Surfing can’t be complete without seeing the surfboards by the beach. Now, check out the new summer flags we’ve received from Studio M by MagnetWorks.

California Dreamin’ Welcome Garden Flag

The California Dreamin’ Welcome Garden Flag is a picture of a staple California beach side scene – surfboards, beach, waves. If you love surfing, you must get this flag! It only costs $13.21!

Turtle By The Sea Flag

When it comes to the sea, the turtles definitely make it more interesting. These lovely creatures live for more than a hundred years! This Turtle By the Sea Flag is a cute summer flag that will only cost you $13.21 for the garden flag and $23.91 for the house flag!

Summer Fireflies Flag

Fireflies – the most relaxing insects to watch in a dark summer night! I’m sure a lot of people camp just to see these sparkly fliers in the nearby forest. You can get this Summer Fireflies flag for only $13.21 and $27.63 for the garden flag and house flag, respectively.

Curious Kitty On Fence Flag

Now, I know the cat and the flowers is far from being summer-themed but I can’t just let a cute and cuddly cat flag be left unrecognized, right? And besides, cats are also happy when it’s summer! You can get this Curious Kitty on Fence flag for only $13.21 for the garden flag and $23.91 for the house flag! This design is also available in mailbox cover and doormat!

These flags are just some of the new Summer flags we got from Studio M! You can check out the whole selection here.

With these flags, we hope to heat up your Summer! Do not forget to use our Summer promo code, SUMMER10, for a 10% discount off your order for Summer items!


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