May 20, 2016 2 min read


‘Tis the season to be… GOING TO THE BEACH! Yes, it’s almost summer time and we’re sure that you are all looking forward to a weekend by the beach! We can’t wait as well! We’re so excited that we got new summer flags from TOLAND!

Check them out below!

Paradise Hammock Flag

Powdery sands, seashells by the beach, the vast blue ocean, a hammock, and a refreshing drink – that’s probably what most of us imagine when we think of a summer beach getaway. That’s exactly what the Paradise Hammock Flag has! If you love the beach or would love to go to the beach, you’d love to have this flag in your porch! You can get the house flag for only $21.39!

Rustic Pedal Pusher Flag

Biking is what a lot of people prefer for a perfect summer day. In fact, biking by the seaside makes it even better! This Rustic Pedal Pusher Flag is an awesome flag for bike lovers and “pedal pushers.” You can get the garden and house flag (out of stock) for $11.95 and $17.11, respectively.

Craft Brews Flag

Summer won’t be Summer without some cool and alcoholic beverages to kill the heat! The Craft Brews Flag is perfect for those backyard barbecue and burger gatherings with friends and family. Get the garden flag for only $11.95 and the house flag for only $21.39.

Fair Balloons Flag

Riding a hot air balloon is probably a part of everyone’s bucket lists. The Fair Balloons Flag is an awesome flag to have especially during Summer time! The garden and house flag only costs $11.95 and $21.39, respectively. You can also avail this flag in a set (garden and house flag) for only $30.01.

These flags are just some of the new Summer flags we got from Toland! You can check out the whole selection here.

With these flags, we hope to bring the spirit of Summer to your house and garden this Summer. Do not forget to use our Summer promo code, SUMMER10, for a 10% discount off your order for Summer items!


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