October 04, 2019 2 min read

Do you hear the fallen leaves rustling as the cold autumn wind blows them across the street? Do you feel the sleeves your favourite cozy sweater rubbing up against your arms? Is the smell of pumpkin pie lingering in your kitchen?

Do you see orange gourds lounging at your doorstep with a spooky grin stretched across their bright orange peel? If you have answered yes to any of the above statements, then welcome to the mystifying month of October! The month of October is an autumn month that is also the 10th month of the year.

Perhaps the most prolific holiday that is associated with October is Halloween, which falls on October 31st. This spooky day has many images associated with it but October is not just about Halloween. October is the month in which the season of fall is in full swing. From the scary images connected to Halloween to the lovely images that are reminiscent of fall, there is no shortage of what you can have on your October themed flags. Here are some October themed flag ideas. 

Autumn in ‘Fall’ Effect

Autumn Flag

Since the autumn season is associated with the months of September, October and November, this means that the month of October falls directly in the middle of the, well, fall season. This makes October the perfect month to display autumn themes on a gorgeous flag. Classic images of the autumn season include brightly coloured leaves of red, orange, yellow and brown either on a tree or falling off of tree branches. Also, certain plants are commonly associated with the fall season as it's the final harvest before the winter season comes around. These plants include pumpkins, squashes, acorn, corn, nuts and so much more. 

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Spook-tacular Halloween

Halloween Flag

Boo! Halloween is a holiday associated with frights and scares galore. There is an endless possibility of horror inducing images that you can incorporate into a flag to make it October themed.

Such images include monsters such as werewolves, ghosts, vampires, zombies, boogeymen, witches, creatures and more. Other scary figures can include classic stars from well-known horror movies, splatters of blood, spider webs with creepy crawlies, dripping slime and other symbols that spark fright into the hearts of trick or treaters on Halloween night.

However, not everyone is as into the horror fest of Halloween as other people are. This is perfectly okay though, as Halloween also has a more friendly side to people who want to celebrate this October holiday. If this is the case, you can instead have a warmer and inviting Halloween themed flag.

For example, you can change those previously scary monsters into more friendly versions by replacing those glaring eyes into welcoming smiles. You can also use just symbols of those horror legends such as a cuddly black cat, a fashionable witch's hat, a fangtastic grinning bat and other instances. Of course, who can have Halloween without a bright orange jack o lantern on a festive October flag! Fun-sized candy anyone? So what will it be; trick or treat? 

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