Spring Decorations For Home & Yard

February 21, 2023 4 min read


It's true! Spring is coming! The first day of spring 2023 is March 20. If you're like me, you can't wait to put away winter decorations and bring out spring decorations. Flagsrus has lots of yard and home decorations for spring. They have more than just flags. Find something new and special. Keep reading to see the many items for spring decorating.


Dress up a plain mailbox with a colorful mailbox cover like the Hello Bunny mailwrap above. Place cover over mailbox so both sides are covered. Magnetic strips hold the cover in place on metal mailboxes. Covers can be used on plastic boxes too by using a mailbox adapter kit sold HERE.  The Hello Bunny mailwrap can be seen HERE. All spring mailbox covers can be seen HERE.



Windsocks like the Bright Flowers windsock above are fun items to hang to sway in a breeze. They are easy to display using the attached snap swivel. The windsock above measures  6" diameter and 40" long. Be mindful of any thing the windsock might get hung on when hanging. The Bright Flowers windsock can be seen HERE.   Other spring windsocks can be seen HERE.


Welcome visitors with a spring door decoration like the Spring Has Sprung Door Decor from Magnet Works shown above.  A blue boot has a spring bouquet of flowers in it with a little bird on the toe of the boot. It's made of durable PVC and comes with a coordinating bow for easy hanging. This door decor measures  16" x 18.5" and can be seen HERE. More door decorations can be seen HERE. 


Door banner kits like the Welcome Spring Floral door banner kit above consist of two vertical banners and a small door banner with matching artwork.  The two, long side banners measure approximately 12" x 43". The center smaller banner measures approximately 12" x 18".  Kits contain dowels with cords for easy hanging. One way to display is long banners on each side of door with small banner on the door. Be creative trying other ways to display. This door banner kit can be seen HERE.  All door banner kits can be seen HERE. 


Yard DeSigns are vinyl magnets with pictures that can be placed on any metal surface or a metal yard stake sold separately. Two types of DeSign images are available- with address numbers or without. If there is a blank rectangle area on the DeSign, it will come with adhesive numbers to put your address numbers there. DeSigns measure 14" W x 10" L. All Yard DeSigns can be seen HERE. Yard DeSign metal stake can be seen HERE.


Another type of sign for your yard are Signature Signs from Custom Decor. There are many designs for every season. They can be displayed on a Signature Sign holder sold separately.  The sign measures 15" x 5".  All Signature Signs can be seen HERE. Signature Sign holder can be seen HERE.


A decorative and useful item is a doormat Like the Spring Has Sprung doormat above from America Forever brand. There are many designs to choose from! Some door mats can be personalized.  They can be displayed alone or in a decorative tray sold separately. Door mats measure 18" x 30". All doormats can be seen HERE. Decorative display trays can be seen HERE. 


Flags R Us is probably best known for their flags - house size and garden size. Different brands to choose from too. The flag above is the Butterflies & Lilacs house flag from the America Forever brand. All America Forever brand flags are double sided. That means image and any text are the SAME on both sides. Therefore text is correctly displayed and readable on both sides.  If you order another brand be sure  you find out if it is double sided to read any text correctly.  House flags normally measure 28"W x 40"L. Always read full description of any flag you want to order. Flag poles are sold separately. All spring house flags can be seen HERE. Flag poles can be seen HERE.


Garden flags are smaller than house flags like the Tomcat & Tulips flag from Toland brand seen above.  Most garden flags measure 12.5" x 18" but there are exception for special designed garden flags. Always read the measurements in description. Some with text might not be double sided to read text correctly. Garden flags can be displayed many ways in your yard or inside your home! Garden flags aren't sold with accessories as the pole seen above. All garden flag display items are seen HERE. All spring garden flags are seen HERE. 

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Now you're all ready to find a new spring decoration or decorations for you. They make nice gifts too! Spring is coming soon! I promise!






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