March 06, 2020 2 min read

Top of the morning to you all! As we approach the month of March it’s time to celebrate the festive day which is St Patrick’s day. This day is an annual tradition where people all over the world celebrate the catholic saint called Saint Patrick.

Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland who, according to legend, was kidnapped at a young age to become a shepherd. While he was working as a shepherd, he received a message from God to go back to his home town and baptize members of his community into Christianity. It is commonly said that everyone is Irish on St Patrick’s day! This holiday has a heavy focus on partying so let’s get this party started with a festive St Patrick’s day themed flag. Here are a few St Patrick’s days themed flag ideas to get things rolling.

Shamrock Flag

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A shamrock, which is also referred to as a four-leaf clover, is a common image that is associated with St Patrick’s day. This is since most shamrocks only have three leaves so the more leaves you can find, the luckier you are! This is why a shamrock or a four-leafed clover is an excellent image to have on your St Patrick’s day themed flag.

Leprechaun Flag

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Don’t let these small human-like figures play one of their many tricks on you! These cute elves are bound to find their way into any onlooker's heart when they see them on your St Patrick’s day themed flag. Leprechauns are full of energy and so you can have them doing any action on your St Patrick’s day themed flag. Such popular actions include looking for gold at the end of a rainbow, dancing, and laughing.

The Color Green

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Green is a color that is universally associated with luck. Everyone needs a bit of luck in their lives. Whether this is to get a good mark on a test, find a romantic partner, get a good job, or even to have good weather on a special day. This is why the color green is a terrific idea for St Patrick’s day themed flags. This can be accomplished in many ways. For instance, you can include images of things that are green. Such popular green colored items that can be showcased on a St Patrick’s day themed flag include shamrocks, plants, colored clothing and even the Irish flag, which also includes the colors of orange and white, as Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. On the other hand, you can also have a St Patrick’s day themed flag that has its base color as green. To add on, you can choose to have any shade of green that you wish to feature. From soothing mint green to bold forest green and even startling neon green, feel free to experiment.

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