June 20, 2018 1 min read

"Hot town, summer in the city
Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty
Been down, isn't it a pity
Doesn't seem to be a shadow in the city"

Sometimes it feels that way here in downtown Chicago, especially as this country-raised girl leaves her garden spot and takes the train daily into the Loop. But, it's not all bad. Chicago's more thoughtful heads have seen to it that there are oases of green and shadow and beauty. Most streets are lined with trees. Parks bloom with flowers and trees and artwork and people. The park near where I work is alive with intriguing plants, people and animals. My walks in the neighborhood nearby always bring me a surprise or something interesting to see.

Recently, one of those sights was this friendly dog walker and her pack of King Charles spaniels – one of whom has his own Instagram hashtag: #scbarkleythecav! 


Then, of course, there is the ever changing chalk artwork on the iron retaining walls, which ranges from graffiti like 'D + L', 'Derek was here', etc. to drawings like this: Chalk Art Mary Bartelme Park Chicago

The park overflows with natural plantings. Natural planting - Mary Bartelme Park

On my walk to and from the park, I enjoy the beautiful balcony gardens – more remarkable to me than the hanging gardens of Babylon! 

Garden in the Sky

The best thing about working in the city, however, is that I get the opportunity to really know and explore aspects that visitors never get to see. I love experiencing my little corner of the big city of Chicago!

If I had a balcony garden in the Windy City, I'd definitely fly a windsock - like these from FlagsRUs.

FlagsRUs Windstock

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