Super Bowl Sunday

by Russ Kennedy January 26, 2016 1 min read

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We made it; we’re going to the Super Bowl!

All that hard work armchair quarterbacking, screaming at the refs on the TV about that call your team was clearly wronged by. The sweat, the tears, and the nachos…. it finally paid off. So let’s celebrate the enthusiasm the best way you know how, by getting decked out in your favorite teams colors and flying their banner high.


Even if your favorite team didn’t make it to the Super Bowl, most football fans will still choose a side and cheer on the team they want to win. If you are the lucky one hosting the party, greet your guests with some football fun like a mailbox cover. Make sure they don’t track up the house, give a football doormat to keep the turf outside where it belongs.


The Super Bowl is also turning 50 this year so that gives a little extra reason to celebrate. Super Bowl 2016 brings us the Carolina Panthers vs. the Denver Broncosin what’s sure to be an exciting game. We have the team flags right here for you to adorn the front porch or even the man cave with the colors of the team you’re rooting for. You can either have the team logo and the solid background color or one with the color background and stripe. Too hard to choose…then you could order both. Either way you don’t want to miss out on showing your team spirit.


So who ever you want to win, cheer hard, eat hearty and have a safe Super Bowl celebration!

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