Thanksgiving Decorating With Flags & More

October 28, 2022 4 min read


It's near the end of October as I write this. Some might already be thinking about their Thanksgiving meal next month. But have you been thinking of your Thanksgiving decorating? Flagsrus can help with that with a selection of flags and other items which will be highlighted as you continue reading.

The first several flags described are from the America Forever brand. The flags are double sided which means both sides are alike. Any text will read correctly on either side. They are high quality, weather resistant flags. They are sold in house and garden size flags. You can also order a set of one house and one garden size of same flag at a discounted price. Keep both for yourself or give one to someone as a holiday gift or a gift anytime.  See image above. Flag poles seen in photos don't come with flags.


Mention Thanksgiving and nearly everyone thinks of turkey. So of course a flag with a turkey on it would be a must have for Thanksgiving. The America Forever Time To Gobble Up! flag above has a turkey with edible goodies around him. He wears a pilgrim hat. A big speech bubble says HAPPY THANKSGIVING. A leaf border is along the top and smaller leaves scattered thru out the flag. House size can be seen HERE.  Garden size flag can be seen HERE.


Another object often seen at Thanksgiving is a cornucopia like the one on the America Forever Cornucopia Runneth Over flag above. Text at top says GIVE while the bottom says THANKS. This sentiment is something we all should live with all the time not just at Thanksgiving. House size can be seen HEREand garden size can be seen HERE.  A set of 2, one of each size at discounted price can be seen HERE.


For cat lovers out there, here's a cute flag for Thanksgiving or for the fall season. The America Forever Pilgrim Cat flag above has a cute kitty wearing a pilgrim hat while holding on to the side of a big orange pumpkin. Sunflowers and Indian corn can be seen too. House size can be seen HERE.Garden size can be seen HERE. A set of 2, one of each size at a discounted price can be seen HERE.


Now for the dog lovers there is the America Forever Pilgrim Pup flag above. A cute fluffy dog lays behind pumpkins, grapes, apple and more.  He has a pilgrim hat on his head. Text reads Happy Thanksgiving.  House size can be seen HERE. Garden size can be seen HERE. A set of 2, one of each size at a discounted price can be seen HERE.


There's a fun decoration on the America Forever Pilgrim Pumpkin flag seen above. A bright orange pumpkin has a pilgrim hat on top. Leaves are in back and fruit along the bottom of the pumpkin. Text on the pumpkin reads Happy Thanksgiving. This is something craft lovers could actually make. House size can be seen HERE. Garden size can be seen HERE. A set of 2, one of each size at a discounted price can be seen HERE. 


The Fall Wreath flag above if from Carson. A grapevine wreath is adorned with pumpkins, big sunflower blooms, berries and leaves along with an orange and white bow.  Text along the top reads Thankful. House size can be seen HERE. Garden size can be seen HERE.


The Indian Corn Give Thanks flag above if from Carson.  Two little wrens sit on a cloth tie leading to two ears of colorful Indian corn. Plaid border at the top and bottom. The text reads GIVE Thanks WITH A GRATEFUL heart.  That's a nice gesture always. House size can be seen HERE. Garden size can be seen HERE. 


Do you want a very special flag that will be very noticeable and sure to get compliments? The Evergreen brand Cornucopia With Checks flag fits that description. Evergreen flags usually have an embellishment that stands out on the flag such as the purple flowers on this flag. A cornucopia has pumpkins, corn, apple and pear coming out of it onto a blue and white checked cloth. Text along the top says ALWAYS BE thankful. At this time, this house flag is $8.00 off. Garden size is $6.50 off. House size can be seen HERE.Garden size can be seen HERE. 


You can decorate your mailbox too with a mail wrap like the one above from Magnet Works. These mail wraps adhere with magnet strips to metal mailboxes. An adapter kit (sold separately) can be used for plastic mailboxes.  The mail wrap above can be used all fall season. It can be seen HERE. Adapter kits can be seen HERE. 

Pumpkin Plaid Truck Burlap Door Decor

A door decoration can be hung on the outside of your door or inside your house on a wall. A door decoration for Thanksgiving and all of fall is the Pumpkin Plaid Truck Burlap Door from Evergreen shown above.  Evergreen door decors are made of weather proof burlap or poly-blend felt.  This decor measures 16" x 12.5". It can be seen HERE.

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    Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!                                











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