April 08, 2016 2 min read


To coin this old phrase “the cat’s meow” was a reference to something really cool or trend setting.

If you are a cat person you know your cat is the coolest thing happening in your house, at least according to them. Cat’s really run the roost, whether or not their human counterparts wish to admit this fact. We of course have some pretty cool cat flags to show just how with it we are.

Cats have it all figured out, they sit on their favorite roost surveying their kingdom, which humans foolishly think is their house, while the human servants buy them toys and feed them. Pretty clever if you ask me. Most often cats act aloof as if they need nothing from us, and we desperately seek their approval and only ask for cuddles in return.


Cats often double as a pet and a source of cheap entertainment. Watching a cat chase a laser pointer or batting a toy mouse around is pretty hilarious. One can’t resist the adorable little kittens as they bounce and play with any piece of string dangled in front of them. Our feline friends also make a great substitute for a heat pad or water bottle when you are feeling a bit chilled.


If your cat goes outdoors they can be handy for keeping away the varmints, friends of mine who have a horse farm have two barn kitties that keep the mouse population in check. The down side to this is that your cat may give you a gift of a dead animal from time to time; but you should graciously except the gift before disposing of it as this would be an insult to the triumphant hunter.


We also have doormats to remind us as we enter the house who really is in charge.

Have fun browsing through our selection.

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