December 01, 2017 3 min read

As we are in the midst of the Holiday season, I am reminded that this can be a very difficult time for many, especially those who have lost a loved one and who have to learn to go through these special times without that someone special.

My brother passed away the day before Thanksgiving sixteen years ago, so my family has had to learn how to trudge through this time, to remember to count our blessings, and to give thanks for all of the wonderful love that we shared with him while he lived on earth with us.

When I look at the variety of selections available on the FlagsRUs website, I see so many that remind me of my brother, especially remembering his love for the country life, horses, and family. This one would probably be the one I would get.

One morning, a few years after my brother passed away, my lifetime friend called me and said, "Jean, I need to tell you something. You should sit down, though."  I agreed, knowing that if it was coming from Nan, I would be okay.

Nancy went onto explain that she had had a dream the night before and this is how it went. She dreamt that we were taking a trip to Green Bay via helicopter, not really knowing for sure why we would be going to Green Bay, but in the middle of the flight, she realized that she had forgotten her jewelry. So, of course, she asked me if I had any jewelry that she could borrow. Unfortunately, I had forgotten my jewelry as well. This was quite upsetting to Nan, because it would be very awkward to go to Green Bay without jewelry. (Not for most, but definitely for Nan!)

As we landed and were getting off of the helicopter, my brother was standing there waiting for us, and he was holding a strand of pearls. Nan immediately told me to ask Jeff if she could borrow the strand of pearls.

As we approached Jeff in her dream, I told him that Nan had forgotten her jewelry and thus was wondering if she could borrow the strand he was holding. Jeff's immediate response was, "No, I am sorry. These are my mom's pearls, and I am holding them for her." At that point, the dream ended.

Nan explained that what she found most amazing about her dream was the connection that Jeff made so clearly about the pearls and his mom. She asked me if it meant anything. I told her that yes, in fact, those pearls meant everything.

Remember that I have been friends with Nan since I was four years old, so she knew my brother and my family very well, but she did not know the story of the pearls.

When my brother was in high school, he saved up his money in order to buy a special gift for our mother, which was a beautiful garnet ring and a set of pearls. He had always been extremely close to my mom, so he went out of his way to bless her with whatever he could. 

I told Nan that mom still had the pearls that Jeff had purchased and of course cherished the memory of him buying them for her. The year that Jeff died, we had actually agreed to go together and buy mom a diamond setting from the both of us and we put the garnet from the original ring into it for a special mother's ring for her. It was extremely humbling to Nan to think that she was able to bring us a special message of love and to bless my family.

As you enter this Holiday season, it may be difficult to remember the friends and family who are no longer with you—especially those whom you have lost at this time of year, but try to keep those happy memories first in your mind. 

If you find a flag that reminds you of those loved ones, or if you have friends or family, that are going through a tough time, look through one of the many products at FlagRUs for a gift of love that may help them cherish their loved one.

Blessings and pearls of love from the Happy Trail Farms!


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