November 30, 2018 3 min read

There is an allure to creating a fairy garden that is undeniable. All of the intricate little pieces, all of the miniature displays that create a tiny fantasy world, can be really beautiful. As someone who loves gardens, creating a fairy garden to use in your outdoor space or to have indoors during the long and dreary months of winter, this is a wonderful hobby that you can enjoy on your own or do with your children to create your own mini dream world.

I love how detailed all of the tiny pieces are, from the little houses to the tiny stone paths and garden details, such as the itty bitty pergola. You can do anything with your tiny fairy garden that you like, whether it's a holiday theme or if you just want to evoke the feeling of spring year round.


This beautiful fairy garden begins with a farm scene. We see the lovely cottage on the stone hill, connected by tiny bridges and stone works to other cottages, all nestled together to create a lovely little farm. Small animals, tiny yard tools, such as the mini watering can, along with little tractors, the details are simply amazing. I love how the artist uses mulch and succulents to accent the scene. I use the word artist, because this truly is a work of art. 


The next scene is one of my favorites as you see the little fairies dancing around the Maypole. I love how intricate and colorful this fairy garden is. The details are what is so fascinating about this miniature garden. From the vibrant colors of the Maypole ribbons, to the tiny sun dial, this scene is just spectacular. All of the tiny plants that are placed in just the right spots to create this amazing little world, it is awe inspiring. There are even itty bitty little birdhouse gourds hanging in the background! It's extraordinary!


Another of my favorite scenes of this fairy garden is the tea party. Placed on a flat river stone, a gorgeous bronze pergola, miniature of course, houses two lovely fairies as they sit down to tea using a minuscule tea set. A chandelier hangs above while a tiny cat stretches out beside them. In the background you can even see a tiny fire pit! I cannot get over how detailed this is!


Finally we come to a beach that is all decked out for a day at the ocean. From surfboards to sandcastles, tiny Adirondack chairs lie in the sand facing a rock beach where a little mermaid is lounging, I can practically smell the ocean just by looking at it!


Another idea for your fairy garden is to incorporate a holiday theme. Shown here we have a spooky Halloween theme, complete with witches, pumpkins and skeletons, of course! The eerie tree spirit in the background has bats all around, strung to the tree with wire, giving the illusion of bats in flight. I can practically see a harvest moon rising!


In these final pictures we see a fairy garden winter wonderland! Trees layered with white snow, little snowmen sledding from one fantastic scene to the next, gingerbread houses and tiny reindeer give all of the elements of magic for this holiday diorama. Tiny trains bringing Christmas goodies, candy cane light posts and of course, Santa Claus, gives the warmth of the holiday season.



I want to give a special thanks to Ron and Sue K. from California for sharing this epic fairy garden with us. It is just amazing!


Fairy gardens always bring about a sense of wonder for me. Whether they are grand in scale or a bit more low key, I love seeing the sense of artistry that comes out when someone makes one. I will be trying my hand at creating a fairy garden in the next few weeks. It is my very first fairy garden, and who knows, it may be the beginning of a new hobby. My kids are very excited about this new project, so stop back by Flags R Us and I'll let you know how it goes!

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