Valentine's Day Flags

by Tricksy Tania February 07, 2020 4 min read

We are now into the midst of the winter season and for many people in many parts of the world, the deep freeze can be felt in every bone in their body. In my opinion, due to this reason, this is why I think Valentine's day exists. People need a holiday to embrace the warmth of love whether that be through a physical gesture of a welcoming hug or by a metaphorical instance that can occur through a gift of flowers and chocolate.

Also, it has to be remembered that Valentine's day is not just for couples. Valentine's day is a day dedicated to celebrating many different types of romance and relationships. From the loving bonds of a family to a dedicated couple that can’t be separated and even to a group of friends who rely on each other in the good times through the bad, these relationships matter. People are social creatures that need other humans to learn, love and grow. Love is a powerful thing. So why not celebrate this powerful holiday with an awe-inspiring valentines day flag?

Valentine's Day Flags

Since there are many things associated with Valentine's day as mentioned above, there are many different images that you can include on your Valentine's day flag that will ensure to make you feel the love. Here are a few Valentine's day flag ideas. 


A universal symbol of love is the image of a heart. Although these cartoonish hearts look nothing like the actual organ, it’s still a popular image to use on a Valentine’s Day flag. There are many ways that you can use the picture of a heart on your Valentine’s Day flag.

To begin with, you can have the heart or hearts on your Valentine’s Day flag be any colour that you want, but the most common colours are red, pink, white and purple. Also, you can have one or multiple hearts featured on your Valentine’s Day flag. Better yet, why not just have a Valentine’s Day flag be in the shape of a heart?!  

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Everyone loves getting a gift of flowers for any occasion. Such instances include, but are not limited to, birthdays, graduations, performances and even as a get well soon wish.

However, no occasion is more closely tied to the gift of a beautiful bouquet than Valentine’s Day. This is why flowers are an excellent image to include on your Valentine’s Day flag. Giving the gift of flowers is a long-held gesture of love and affection that has stood the test of time. Although any type of flower is a well-received and heartfelt gift, the most popular flower for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day seems to be the elegant rose. Roses are a symbol of romance. Also, roses can be in many different colours but red, pink and white roses tend to be preferred. 

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There are many different ways that humans show affection to one another. From a friendly smile to a special gift wrapped in colourful paper and even a simple gesture such as holding open the door for someone else, Love is always in the air.

One way in which people commonly show their feelings is vocally through words. These words can often be strung into long and winding poems that detail one's deepest feelings of affection towards their partner, or it can just be one or two words tied together simply to set up a spark. Words are strong, none the less, and therefore can be an excellent addition to any Valentine’s Day flags.

One way in which you can incorporate a message onto your Valentine’s Day flag is with a beautifully written poem. On the other hand, if you aren’t as lyrically gifted, then perhaps a simple message, such as “Happy Valentines Day” or the classic “I Love You” is the way to go. 

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