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by Vickie Kulp November 29, 2019 3 min read


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The first day of winter this year is December 21st. Be prepared to welcome winter with a quality flag from Flagsrus. Welcome winter flags can give your home or yard a little burst of color during the cold, dreary winter. Put a smile on your face when you look out at your funny winter flag. Other flags might convey a feeling of warmth. You'll find the perfect flag for you. This blog will feature a few sold on Don't wait too long to order because there are limited quantities!

Winter Cardinal

The big red cardinal on the Winter Cardinal Welcome house flag seen above will surely stand out on a cloudy winter day. He is perched on pine branches with pine cones and berries. Ordering details are HERE.

Winter River

Even though lush green grass and colorful flowers are no longer in sight, winter brings beauty in other ways like seen on the Winter River flag above. The snow covered pine trees are reflected on the clear water of the river. Imagine actually being there- the silence being broken only a few times by a bird tweeting. This flag is sold in house size HERE , garden size HERE and also both sizes in a set seen HERE. Limited supplies!

Warm Winter Welcome

Wouldn't the lantern with flickering flames inside on the flag above make you feel warm on a frigid winter day? Your visitors might feel that way too when they see the Warm Winter Welcome house flag when they come to visit. It comes in house size HERE and garden size HERE. It's also on other items seen HERE. 

Berry Fun Snowman

A fun thing to do in the winter is to make a snowman. You could put a bucket beside your snowman and fill it with winter berry sprigs for the wild birds to eat. Find two funny shaped branches for your snowman's arms and use a carrot for his nose. Put some warm clothes on him too! Or you can get the Berry Fun Snowman flag shown above. It comes in house size seen HERE .

Winter Address Flags

Did you know you can put your home address number on a flag? You can! Three winter welcome address flags are shown above. They are in only garden size. A good place to hang an address flag is at the end of your driveway where it can be seen by motorists. Actually, any place in your yard is suitable! Click on each address flag name to learn more-- Cardinals & Holly, Bluebird & Berries and Snowman & Friends.

Winter Truck


Another flag with a cute snowman is the Winter Truck flag shown above. Notice the ice skates hanging on the side of the truck and the sled propped against the truck. Items with red trucks are popular now. Learn more about this house flag HERE. 

Winter Wonderland

The Winter Wonderland flag above has cardinals perched on snow covered pine trees. Their bright red color really "pops out" against the green of the trees. This house flag can be bought HERE.

Winter Birds Birdhouse

Shown above is the brightly colored Winter Birds Birdhouse flag. The five birds at two birdhouses will brighten a cloudy winter day! It comes in house size HERE and in garden size HERE. 

See more winter welcome flags at Flagsrus by clicking HERE. 

Shipping is FREE in the USA. Buy one flag and get another flag for ten percent off! Hurry! Order your winter welcome flag before it's sold out!


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