You say it’s your birthday!

by Russ Kennedy May 11, 2016 1 min read

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It has been said, the more birthdays you have the older you get.


Birthdays… we all have them whether we like it or not. I say celebrate your longevity and let people make a fuss over you at least once a year. Our kitty friend above does not seem happy about his special day but we can fix that with some awesome birthday flags.

This flag takes the cake!


This mile high Birthday cake flag just screams party time. So many layers of delicious looking cake and frosting will make your mouth water. The balloons and streamers really completes the mood for this design.



Just like the bakery, we have a variety of cake flags so you can chose just the right one, we even have a cupcake flag for those who want to have some bite sized fun.

You can even decorate your mailbox with a mailbox cover, this will be like your very own birthday card box full of surprises each time you check the mail.


Flags full of fabulous, festive fodder like balloons, streamers and greetings will be a fun way to decorate for the next birthday party in your home or workplace. If you are throwing the birthday bash in a hall one of these flags flying out front can be a perfect way to show the guests they have the right spot.



We wish everyone a very Happy Birthday and hope your year is filled with joy and laughter.


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