How to Personalize your Flag

FlagsRUs is now offering personalized flags. You are now able to create your own flags using your own pictures. You can even put a message on it! 

These are great as gifts and for creating your own collection of unique flags!

You can create your personalized flag in 4 easy steps!


1. How to Upload your Picture

You may use any picture you have on your computer or mobile phone. This is a perfect option if you are looking to send somebody a gift! 

IMPORTANT : Please make sure that you use photos that you own or photos you have rights to use for this purpose.

  1. Click on "Choose File".
  2. Choose your desired picture from your computer or phone.
  3. On the next screen, crop your photo according to your liking. Please be aware of the cut area and make sure that the details you want to show in the actual flag is in the designated area.
  4. Click the "Check" button.
  5. To adjust, you can click the "pencil" icon on the upload section.
  6. To use a different image, click the "trash can" icon on the upload section and upload a new one.

For best results, use photos that are;

  • High Resolution photos (at least 1000px by 1000px)
  • Well-lit photos
  • Avoid Blurry Pictures

2. How to Put a Message on Your Custom Flag

After you have uploaded your favorite picture, you have the option to put a personalized message on your flag! This is a great feature especially if you are greeting a loved one. 

  1. Click the checkbox for "Personalize with a custom message."
  2. Type your message on the message box. You can press "Enter" to write your message in multiple lines. 
  3. To change the font size, you can click on "-" or "+" on the font size changer. 
  4. Change the message's alignment to left, center, or right
  5. Choose your message's font. 
  6. Change the font's color by clicking the box for the color you like.

Tips for your Message:

  • You can use up to 10 lines of text for garden flags and 12 lines for house flags.
  • Make sure that your text contrasts against your background to maximum legibility.
  • To get your text at the bottom of the flag, write your message and press "Enter" at the start of your message. Press "Enter" at the end of the message to put it at the top of the flag. 
  • Choose the best font to match your message or picture.

3. Review your Flag and Place your Order

After you've uploaded your photo and added your custom message on your personalized flag, the final step is to review your design and place your order.

  • Click  the "PREVIEW" button to see how your flag is going to look like. This is important so that you know what your flag will look like.
  • Remember, the flag will be cut around and the dark area in the preview shows which of the photo will be cut in the making of the flag.
  • Put all the elements you want in the actual flag within the lighter area of the PREVIEW.
  • After you've previewed your flag, you may now click the checkbox for "I have previewed my flag. I want to proceed with the order." This will allow you to click the "Add to Cart" button and proceed with your order.

Note : If you like to share your design with's website and social media, you may click on the checkbox for "I permit to use my design in their website and social media". This gives us your permission to share your design to other interested customers.

How to Create a Custom Monogram Flag

Monogram flags are lovely but there are times when you find the design you like but the vendor does not have your letter available. Now, you are able to create monogram flags with any letter you like. 

  1. Click the checkbox for "Personalize with a custom message."
  2. Clear the message box and enter a letter of your choice.
  3. Make the letter bigger by clicking on the "+" on the font size changer. 
  4. It is recommended that you leave the alignment to center.
  5. Choose your message's font. 
  6. Change the font's color by clicking the color icon and adjusting the gradient slide to get to your desired color.
  7. Some fonts are bigger than others, so make sure you resize your letter after changing fonts.

Below are some sample flags we've made!