Mailbox Covers

All of FlagsRUs' mailbox covers are held on the mailbox either magnetically or with a combination of magnet and zip ties. No tools are required. Most have coordinating flags and/or mats. They all have an opening for the latch and flag. If your mailbox is aluminium or plastic, you will need an adapter kit (AK950 from Magnet Works).

All mailbox covers meet U.S.Postal requirements. Some come with address numbers, some do not. It depends on the design. Numbers are vinyl and are applied by the customer.

What Are Different Sizes Of Mailbox Covers?

Mailbox covers are available in regular and large sizes. Regular mailbox covers are designed to fit standard 6.5" x 19" mailboxes. Large mailwraps are designed for 8" x 21" mailboxes.

How Do I Install Mailbox Cover on Metal Mailbox?

What If I Have A Plastic Mailbox?

No worries if you have a plastic or aluminium box, see below how you can install using our adapter kit.

Can I Buy Matching Flags For Mailbox Covers?

Our 2 piece yard makeover sets and 3 piece yard makeover sets will help you decorate with flags or mailbox covers of matching designs. 2 Piece Yard Makeover sets include a garden flag and a mailbox cover, of coordinated design. 3 Piece Yard Makeover sets include a house flag, garden flag and a mailbox cover, all of coordinated design.