Scratch Off and Win

Congratulations! You received an exclusive FlagsRus Scratch Off and Win card. 

Here is the list of prizes you may get from your card:

  1. $5.00 off your next $20 order
  2. 10% off your next order
  3. 15% off your next order. 
  4. 20% off your next order
  5. $50 off your next $150 order

How to Claim Your Prize

  1. Scratch off your card to reveal your prize.
  2. Fill your cart.
  3. Enter the code from the card. Enter the code without any spaces in between (eg. 20%OFF-00000) (Your cart must meet the conditions for the coupon)
  4. Once the discount is applied, proceed with the checkout.
  5. Enjoy your prize!