1st and 10

by Russ Kennedy September 06, 2015 1 min read

Bring on the nachos, pizza and cold beverages and settle into the man cave, football season is here! Are you ready to show off your team spirit? Well Flagsrus is ready to get you all geared up!


Let’s kick things off with the NFLbattle cry, an R U ready for some football mailbox cover. If your friends and neighbors had any doubt of your armchair quarterback career, this little advertisement will set the record straight.

paafvi paafsf

Whether you are up north as a Minnesota Vikings fan or in sunny California rooting for the 49ers, we have your team flag. Full house flags look great on your front porch or how about from the wall in your den. If that is too big we have plenty of mini flags that would look good around the house or out in the garden.

pagftb pagfac

pagfgi pagfat


Don’t get yelled at because all your friends came over for the game and tracked dirt through the house. Grab one of these Game Day doormats to keep the dirt out on the turf where it belongs.


If you are able to make it to a live game, make sure to take your team flag and display it at the tailgate party…. even if you are in full body paint, we won’t judge.


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