September 03, 2015 2 min read

Our Show Off Your Garden Flag Contest has been a success and we are very thankful for the response we received from all of our followers! We’ve received awesome garden flag photos and we really had a hard time choosing which of the entries will win our contest. But at the end of the day, a winner has been chosen.

The Purrfect Flag

Here’s our winning flag photo sent to us by Denise Duff. Her entry got 80 votes and was among the first entries in our contest.

A Purrrfect Flag with a Purrrfect story
A Purrrfect Flag with a Purrrfect story

Our winning flag is a rather simple flag but what makes this flag very special is the story behind it. After our judges chose this flag as the winner, we immediately contacted Denise and asked if she could tell us the inspiration for the flag. We did expect her to have cats in the house but our expectations were just the tip of the iceberg. And, boy, were we surprised when she told us the story!

The Purrrfect Story

Denise has cats in the house… a colony of them! Denise and her family is currently taking care of 20 feral cats. Feral cats are domestic cats that were born in the wild or are descendants of such cats. The 14 cats they are taking care of are living outback and out front and 6 of them are inside the house.

They have been taking care of the cats for 6 years now. Here are pictures of their cute cats:

Just relaxin' on the grass...
Just relaxin’ on the grass…
This guy loves the flowers!
This guy loves the flowers!
The cats having a meeting...
Snack time!!!
"You know, I think we should play outside with the rest..."
“You know, I think we should play outside with the rest…”


Just a cat... showing off her balancing skills!
Just a cute kitty… with awesome balancing skills!
"Draw me like one of your french cats..."
“Draw me like one of your french cats…”


Ready for Trick or Treat!
Ready for Trick or Treat!


Another Cat flag
Welcome Home Cat Flag

Many thanks for Denise for sharing her inspiring story with us. It is very nice to see that these cats have found a place where they can be safe, be taken care of and they can call ‘home’.

It’s been a fun ride looking at these wonderful flag photos submitted in our contest. But, what’s more fun is to learn about the stories behind these wonderful flags. Again, congratulations to Denise (and her cats…) for winning our Show Off Your Garden flag Contest!


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